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problems with personal internet service

My ISP is YahooBB. I want to set up my computers here that the computer plugged directly into the modem is a webserver and a gateway through which the other machines can connect if the firewall rules permit. However, to connect a BSD server via DSL, you need to configure the PPPoE. Under Windows, this Just Works. I don’t know why or how, but that’s how it goes.

I called the English-speaking customer support line just now, to try to figure out the following things:
Can I change the account from the previous tenant’s name to my own?
Do I have a static IP? If not, can I upgrade the service so that I do?
What is the PPPoE authentication protocol in use? What are the authentication strings I need to use, and what format should I send them in?

I found out the following things:
I do not have a static IP, so if I want to run a webserver, I need to get one.
I cannot upgrade the service as it is not in my name.
There is absolutely no way to transfer ownership of the account; the previous tenant needs to cancel. Only after his contract is terminated can I apply for my own.
Once his contract is terminated, I will need to mail back his modem; they will get one to me at some point thereafter. They say that it usually happens within two weeks, but they can’t make any guarantees.
If I want further technical details, I will need to contact Technical Support. The customer service person gave me their number, and cheerfully informed me that they speak no English.

I’m very annoyed at this point–I’d be more than willing to hear if anyone knows any other broadband ISPs in Japan. That way, I can apply for the service, and only cancel the previous tenant’s once the new service is ready to begin. I’m torn between throwing the whole idea to the wolves, and dealing with weeks without connectivity. I suspect that in the end, I’ll just deal with the beurocracy and the net outage, and get the service I need. Still, this is extremely annoying.

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