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There were fireworks tonight!

Last week, my students told me that there would be a big fireworks celebration that Saturday near here, and a bigger one in Tokyo that Sunday. By accident, I slept through Saturday’s; I could hear the end of it outside my house, but I didn’t have time to ride to where I could see it. Last Sunday, I went to Tokyo to see the bigger one, and discovered posters telling me that it had been on Saturday.

Tonight, I went outside just before the sun set; I was thirsty, and I figured that I could get something from the vending machine, then watch the sun set across the pond in the park near my house. I did this, but as I was returning to my house, I saw in a different direction a big airburst near the horizon. A few seconds later, there was another.

I walked for about half an hour towards the fireworks, until I got to a good spot, with no high obstacles nearby to block my view. From that point, I saw fireworks being launched from no less than four launch sites at varying distances. Three of these were long, obviously official celebrations; one was sporadic, and looked like someone had just bought some fireworks for their own private celebration.

I have no idea what this is about. None of my students told me that there would be fireworks tonight, yet obviously this was something planned. I wonder what’s going on?

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