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It’s impossible to find powdered lemonade in Japan.

This is somewhat troublesome, as I’ve been known to consume upwards of 4 liters of lemonade per day during the summer. I dislike drinking straight water, and powdered drinks are often the only economical solution.

I’m a resourceful fellow, though; I figured that I could just buy lemon juice and sugar, mix and add water, and get the same results.

Buying lemon juice here turns out to be an interesting challenge of its own. Twice, I bought something that might have been lemon juice (in a bottle with resealable top and pictures of lemons on the wrapping) and it turned out to be an alcoholic beverage. Alcohol doesn’t seem to be marked specially, and it’s mixed in with the rest of the drinks. Sometimes it’s possible to recognize contextually. Other times, it’s not.

On my third attempt, becuase I noticed the pattern, I didn’t bother sniffing at the cap, which I had done previously. I just twisted off the top and took a swig.

The third time I got it right, and had lemon juice.

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