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As you probably know, about a year an a half ago, I was kicked out of ROTC for failure to complete enough pushups during physical fitness tests during field training. To my dismay, beginning that semester, the physical fitness standards were altered such that I could easily complete them. But I digress.

Until that point, my plan for life after college had been to serve a term in the Air Force and travel around the world. I have long wanted to live in a number of diverse places, and the military seemed an excellent route by which to accomplish that. However, with that plan shot, I had to come up with something else.

After some consideration, I decided that before I was 30, I would spend at least a year of my life in Japan. To that end, I began studying Japanese. It was too late to join the formal class for that year, so I began studying on my own. At the beginning of this school year, I began taking Japanese class. I have been performing well in that class since that point. However, it is a beginner’s class; at this point, though I might be able to survive in Japan, to say that my communication skills are limited would be an understatement.

Yesterday, my parents approached me with an opportunity: If I could figure out a job and a basic survival plan for Japan, they would send me there after graduation. This is a chance too big for me to pass up; it’s a wonderful opportunity to do something I’ve wanted to for quite some time.

At this point I am trying to work out those details. I need to know how to look for a job there, how to look for an apartment there, any pitfalls or booby traps that might be lying in wait for me. I’m doing research on my own, but I’m going to ask a favor here: if you know anything on the subject, please tell me everything you know. I’d prefer to work in computer science (that being my major), but I can definitely deal with teaching English if I have to.

This is actually awesome.

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