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This morning’s flash of panic:
This morning, I was driving up 84 to get back to Worcester from NJ. I was mostly staying around traffic speed, which meant around 80 mph in most cases. At one point, I was in the fast lane passing some trucks. Suddenly, my rearview mirror filled with cop car, and I was distinctly nervous; I don’t like being ticketed.

On second glance, though, his lights weren’t on, and when I shifted over a lane he just sped off ahead of me. The conclusion I draw: CT has nice state troopers.

Of course, in some ways it’s lucky I made it here at all. I was on east-facing highways the whole trip and was on the road before sunrise; I watched the sun climb all the way through the arc of view through my windshield. The glare itself wasn’t a problem, but it made it impossible to read road signs; this was the first time I’ve driven this trip.

Nothing else exciting happened on the road this morning.

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