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note to self: in future, avoid having to work with useless people

Ok. I turned in the project, an 18-page monstrosity, on time. I managed to rush through the part that my project partner was supposed to do, and skipped. I managed to complete all the analysis and compare/contrast items. I was pretty terse in a lot of places; that was unavoidable.

My project partner contributed three or four pages. The rest was my own. I am kind of put out about this…

As long as I pass the course, I suppose it’s ok. Nevertheless, I think that choosing a good project partner with whom I work well is an essential component of classes like this. I’ve had tough, project-based courses in the past, and come out with a lot less stress, and an ‘A’. Notably, AI. I don’t think I’m going to do nearly as well in this course…

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