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Teachers’ Pets?

I’m in a course called Introduction to the Psycho-Sociology of Science, which is basically about the nature of scientists and science itself, the manner in which knowledge is advanced and discoveries are made. Today, I kind of monopolized the class, by getting into what amounted to a twenty minute discussion with the professor on whether science evolves in a logical manner, or if there are successive revolutions which change everything, over and over again. I also got back the first term paper, worth 15% of my final grade–I was one of three people in the class to receive an A; as a result, my paper got copied (without my name on it) and distributed to a portion of the class as an example of how they’re supposed to be written.

I think I’m reverting to the persona I used in grade school: devoting a lot of time and energy to schoolwork, and excelling as a result. Of course, this doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for anything else… luckily, I’ve already got friends, who don’t have to deal with how I am in the classroom like this. Because I don’t think that I’m going to make any friends being the teacher’s pet.

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