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Tonight, I spent several hours in a friend’s apartment, reading (because he has textbook and I don’t). He and another friend were working on a Databases 2 assignment. At some point, I realized that this is exactly what college is like, in an ideal daydream. Picture the scene: a messy, comfortable apartment, replete with detritus from takeout, game systems, and random items (my bicycle, a lampshade, etc.) scattered about. Myself, lounging on the couch, working through 150 pages of reading assignment. One friend, drawing on a whiteboard on the wall to better visualize a concept. The other, sitting at the table with his laptop and graph paper, computing. Every once in a while, I chime into their discussion of multi-merge sorting algorithms, or relate an interesting quote from the reading. Or we divert into a random conversation about breakthroughs in holographic projection technology, or new computers, or something else cool.

We’re all getting things done. Nobody’s stressed. Everybody’s comfortable and productive and enjoying themselves.

This is what college is supposed to be. This, I think, is going to be one of the random slices of life I remember in the future as a high point of the college experience.

Recently, I’ve been busy. At the same time, I’ve been happy. It’s hard to pin down a specific reason for this sense of general contentment… but it really is nice. If only life in general were this good.

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