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note my extreme reluctance to apply myself

On the plus side, the server is now back up. I did accomplish something this week, in terms of the project. Plus, I think I configured it so that the sshd, apache, and mysql daemons start automatically at boot now. Then again, it’s Linux, so I’m not sure that following the documented steps will actually cause the correct thing to happen.

On the minus side, I just spent several hours of coding to accomplish a small portion of what could probably have been done much better with about the same investment in time, spent configuring. On the silver-lining side, I now have a much better working notion of how PHP and MySQL actually work together, and the sorts of things they like and dislike.

Now, to sleep. My luck has been good recently; I’ll hope that my advisor isn’t too disappointed with last week’s progress. We meet in 7 hours, most of which time I will spend sleeping. However, this last week has been the first one so far in which my project partner and I haven’t met our weekly goals. Oh well. I suppose that just means that we’ll have to actually work in the coming weeks.

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