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Well, I’m back from skiing. It was good times. There wasn’t anything really challenging going on, in part because my sister’s boyfriend was just imported from Texas and hadn’t skied before. Our goal was to have him on black diamond trails by the third day, but we never really got past the blue squares. Too bad. That guy was made of rubber, though; he kept falling and just bouncing back up. At least the last run was memorable. For some reason, it was decided that I would lead the rest of them down and they would follow me. The shadow of the mountain had gone over the entire trail, and I think there were clouds in front of the sun as well, because for whatever reason it was really dark. When that happens it becomes very difficult to read the contours of the mountain. We had picked a trail with moguls. I like to ski fast. Put the factors together and you end up with a lot of unintentional airtime. I made it down fine, because I’m awesome like that, but the rest of the people were doing all sorts of comical things…

More news later, as it gets invented.

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