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writing about my current tasks will always be more fun than performing them

I haven’t written in a while because I’ve stopped trying to deal with the computer I currently have. I’ve been leeching off other people, and going to the public ones around campus when necessary, because taking twenty minutes to find a computer that works ends up being faster and less annoying than attempting to keep mine stable for that long.

On the positive side, I hope to be able to pick up my computer today. Two different people have indicated that they would be willing to give me the ride necessary, and as long as they don’t both renege, I’ll be in a happy place by some time this evening.

It’s been snowing now for a good 40 hours, and the campus is beautiful. I’ll take the beauty of the snowdrifts and slides over the convenience of having cleared paths to walk any day. Unless I really need to get somewhere in a hurry. But that doesn’t really happen that often, and by tomorrow morning I’m sure every path on campus will be cleared meticulously, because the staff at this school are really quite competent.

I spent the major part of yesterday working on an AI project. The game-playing program was fun, but relatively simple. Now, we’re working on constructing efficient plans to move from an initial condition to a goal condition, and even though the algorithm is really easy to understand, it just takes a lot of code to implement. I’m going to continue working on it today after I get back from picking up the computer. After that’s done, I get to work on the Databases project.

Basically what I’m saying is that not a lot is exciting right now.

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