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in which i am barely coherent

I definately hate my HCI class. And Microsoft .NET.

Constructing a broad menu tree no longer noticably slows down the speed at which the menu is displayed! It may have, many, many years ago, but at this point computers are stupidly fast!! Putting multiple menus in a single dialog box is always a better idea than sequentially leading a user through eight chained dialogs!

The entire course is based on this book, which is horribly dated. It’s dated to the point where most of what it tries to teach is no longer relevant. But I have to muck around with it anyway.

I’m not even going to go into the problems with .Net, except to say that it failed to install because the installer couldn’t find required files on its own fucking setup disk! After dragging me through half an hour of useless setup procedures, it FAILED.

This is not a night that has made me happy.

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