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I want only a few things from Santa this christmas. The reason I’m asking Santa is because it seems unlikely that anyone else can or will give them to me.

  1. Full reinstatement into AFROTC, complete with a return of the scholarship. College is quite a bit more difficult to afford without the scholarship, and I genuinely want to be a part of the Air Force. If they decide to give me the boot, it will be that much more stress in the end.
    • CONDITIONAL: I’d also like to get chosen to be a Navigator/Weapons Systems Officer, but that’s not even possible unless I stay in AFROTC
  2. A computer that works reliably. It would be disappointing if it were less powerful than the one I have now, but it’d still be more useful than the one I have now.
  3. Time management skills such that I’m not as stressed out as I tend to be due to my own procrastination.

Is that too much to ask?

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