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I got a phone call today from a good friend of mine. He’s a really great guy; I’ve known him since second grade. He’s as much a member of my family as I am, and vice versa.

He’s getting married.

Perhaps this would be less of a shock if I knew that he was in a serious relationship. But it just seems almost surreal. I’m still not even of the drinking age; neither is he. A good part of the surprise is simply that marraige is something for the grownups and TV, not something that I nor any peers of mine should really be considering.

Another part of it is that this is really the first time done something significant before me. The pattern was always that I would try something new; a month later he would have surpassed me at it. I started playing Magic in 6th grade and taught him the game. By the time I quit, he had five times the cards and reliably beat me at it. I started launching model rockets; although he never got his individual rockets to come out quite as nice, he had twice as many as I did. After high school, I went to college with an AFROTC scholarship; he just enlisted into the Air Force.

Now, the pattern is broken. This contributes to the surprise.

I suppose that this is a part of maturation. Earlier this summer, I was invited to a wedding in my own right for the first time. Now, it seems I get to be the best man for one. Life goes on.

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