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I keep thinking of programming projects that would be really cool, that I want to work on, that I really shouldn’t because I have other work that I’m supposed to be doing. I think it’s because I’ve gone too long without taking a course in which I actually program anything. This is funny, because I keep taking courses that have promising-sounding titles and imply that good assignments will be had. Instead, they give me essays.

This leads to an odd procrastination problem whereby I do cool things on the computer that make me happy, and to some extent are actual accomplishments, instead of doing the boring work which is typically easier, and a requirement for one course or another. It’s not that I’m not being productive, it’s just that what I’m producing isn’t what the courses are asking for.

I wish I could trade in, perhaps, the Perl music-fixing program and a working webcomics directory instead of my ethics of computation essay.

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