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the voice thing is kind of inconvenient, but really funny (for everyone else)

Two interesting things happened today. The first is that I got a package in the mail. I open it and it’s a cell phone. I turn it on, and I have one voicemail message waiting, from 10 minutes ago. It would have been just like The Matrix, except the timing was just a little off, and it was my parents calling because they mailed the thing to me.

The other interesting thing is that I lost all symptoms of the flu that’s been going around… and gained one that nobody else has. See, instead of coughing, or having a runny nose, my body shunted all the virii into my vocal apparatus, with the result that my voice is gone into a horrible squeak that sometimes drops into its normal register for a second or two. It’s like when you’re going through puberty and your voice sometimes breaks, except it’s happening all the time, and ‘breaks’ into the way it should be.

Two less interesting things that happened recently are that a cadet dropped from my ROTC detachment, and I got her duties as Web Coordinator. This is ok, as I had that position a year and a half ago. Still, it is funny to see that neither of the two people running the cadet web site after me didn’t bother to take my name off the headers of each page, or add their own. Also, I acquired a block of Lucite. I plan to find a Dremel tool, inscribe something cool into it, and put LEDs in the side so that the inscription appears to be hovering in it. I’ll do pictures when I’m done.

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