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Good news and minorly bad.

I found out that I have enough money to pay to live here. This was a surprise, but it is good news.

The person who had my Palm Pilot for three weeks IMed me, said “Come to Founders and I’ll give your Palm Pilot back.” I came, he gave it back, in perfect condition. No indication as to why a three-week delay, but I’m not complaining. I wasn’t expecting to see it again.

Bad news is that I seem to have come down with the disease of the moment. As of right now, symptoms are limited to a runny nose, but I don’t know if they’re going to get worse or better. Also, I figured out that the video card that got put into my computer by the repair techs doesn’t do 3d at all. I’m currently waiting for Ebay to validate me so that I can bid on a replacement card of the kind I originally had. I expect to be able to get one for less than $20, including shipping.

Another inconvenience: I haven’t played with PHP since WPI changed the way it worked a while ago… until today. Now, having played with it, it seems that the new ‘security upgrade’ that they performed incidentally eliminates all error messages before I get to see them. Which means that if anything is wrong, from a dropped semicolon to a miscalled function, my only indication is that the entire program doesn’t work.

I may be installing Apache and PHP on my local machine in the near future, so that I can attempt to make functional pages again.

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