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everything is fine-ancial

Right then.

The past 7 days have been somewhat stressful. In the sense that I’m a camp counselor, and have to manage the 6 unruly kids in my cabin and bear ultimate responsibility for them, it’s been great; this is what I’m used to and (I think) good at. And that part’s over next week anyway. It’s more that last weekend,

  • I banged up my left knee by slipping on wet tile while turning and for the past few days it hasn’t wanted to work properly,
  • I got a speeding ticket, the second in a month (the second ever) which basically cleaned out my bank account,
  • I was rearended on the highway and the damage to the car (which I was borrowing from my parents) was significant enough that we’re still trying to figure out whether it’s totalled, even though it’s perfectly drivable.

Add this to the sinking realization that my finances are in a pretty somber state because I’m suddenly paying for things like school and room and board which used to be covered by my scholarship. I’ve paid tuition for the next semester, but I still have to come up with quite a bit for the rest. My computer works now, kind of, but something about the setup makes the screen flicker uncomfortably now whenever a key is struck or a mouse event is registered. Next semester, I have to be on top of ROTC, academics, my IQP, the fraternity, loan applications, and getting and keeping a job all at once, and I don’t think it’s going to be easy.

I’ll pull through, I think, but I don’t really look forward to the next few months of my life.

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