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usually people reserve this kind of shameless begging for necessities

Alright, at this point I pronounce my computer dead. I’ve done everything I could, including going to some expense to produce a Windows 2000 Professional, SP3 disc. I formatted the C drive, installed the Windows OS.

And it just made my problems worse. Before, some (fairly crucial) drivers were broken. Now, I’m lucky if I can get the thing to boot at all.

Sometimes the keyboard glitches, and no matter how much I type, the computer sees none of it. More often, the machine just freezes at various stages in the boot process, usually just after finishing one or the other of the two mysterious progress bars which accompany the booting of this OS. My favorite, though, is when it gets through the BIOS stuff, but before it even starts anything Microsoft-related, it hangs with a black blank screen. Or seems to–if I then pound on the keyboard a few times (any keys seem to work, but any one keypress won’t do it) it proceeds to the ascii-based progress bar screen, and then gets all the way through that progress bar. Then it freezes.

All in all, after maybe 20 boot attempts, I have made this machine boot exactly twice; once in Safe Mode. I’m not happy. For almost a week now, it has been completely unusable as anything but a bookend, no matter what I try to do to fix it. I’m going to bring it into a repair shop, probably tomorrow, and see what their estimate to fix it is. If it’s anything more than $250, I’d rather just buy a new machine. Cancel that; I’d rather buy a new machine in any case, but I don’t think it’s worth budgeting that much money unless it would cost too much to fix this one.

“How,” I hear you ask, “is this man complaining so vociferously in an online medium if his computer’s such a wreck as he claims?” All I can say is that I’ve been lucky enough to be born into one of the most computer-enabled families I’ve ever heard of (we’ve averaged well over one working computer per family member since before I was born). My mom recently ordered a new laptop for herself, and I’ve been using that in the meantime to keep current on email and whatnot.

If anyone wants to make a contribution, feel free. I could use it right now. And if you want back anything in the way of original art, writing, music, anything like that, I’ll make sure you get what you want. I’m resourceful, and I like to think of myself as fairly talented (except, perhaps, at art). And I’m dead broke.

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