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So. Christmas has come and gone, and with it the gifts, experiences, and whatnot.

Drove a few hours today to Mass, to see my new cousin get circumcised. It’s a ceremony that, as important and holy as it may be, still gives me the jitters. Other than that…

Driving back home, it began to snow. After dinner, my dad and I tried out the new (to us) snowblower, which may as well be a christmas present even though it was never really announced as such. It took off the top six inches without stuttering, and though I expect that we’ll have to go over it again tomorrow morning to get rid of the other six inches, the total effort expended will be much less than if we had tried to attack the snow with shovels. It’s very wet… great for snowmen, denser than sand…

I’m happy. I’m also going to sleep now, in an effort to get back onto a more ‘human’ schedule (as my mother so discretely puts it).

Merry christmas! (this actually does still apply, if you happen to live around England…)

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