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i complain because it is easier than expressing contentment properly

Things that have happened:

I spent several hours catching up with a friend who just flew in from Texas. It’s pretty nice to talk to him… and after only 16 more months time-in-rank, he becomes a Senior Airman! I still can’t believe he enlisted instead of going through ROTC, but it was his choice, and he seems happy enough with the results…

Walking home, I saw the Orion constellation. It’s a beautiful night out, crisp, cold, and absolutely clear. Of course, this may be because it’s too cold to support a cloud right now… but whatever the cause, the effect is beautiful. Sometimes, I wish I knew more constellations, but that one’s the only one that shows up on a regular basis where I live. Sometimes the Dippers are visible, but they’re near the horizon and upside-down, and awkward…

Speaking of Texas, it seems I’ll be spending 1-5 January there. I look forward to this. Of course, it’s a little odd, because I fly there two days before the aforementioned friend…

What with everything going on, I may have less time to spend coding than I had initially hoped. I still hope to get everything done that I had planned to, but… already, as I write this, it is officially 24 December, Christmas Eve. I expect the next few days to be full of holiday things and visiting family, and the following few days to be full of Texas, and after that I hope to go back to school and maybe get things done.

So, vacations are good.

Although I still have to figure out how I’m going to pay to live at the fraternity for the next two quarters… that’s $2000 that I simply don’t have… Eh. I may get a job next term. After all, last term was the best I’ve done academically since I started college, so… obviously I have too much free time on my hands. That must be it. Not enough stress in my life.

Of course, I could always get back to Vertumnus and work on that card game… that still needs publishing… and an artist…

Eh. I’m in a good mood, and even complaining isn’t getting rid of it. So, times must be good.

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