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game thoughts

master of orion 3 is not finished with regression testing. however, the developers (quicksilver) are moving their offices, and won’t be doing any significant coding for the next two weeks. I was disappointed when they missed their 4 dec. release date, because it meant that I wouldn’t get the game for christmas. now i wonder if it’ll be out in time for my birthday (the end of January).

i hear that hegemonia is an cool new game, though certainly not to everyone’s taste. worth downloading the demo, but the demo is a very good idea before buying. in that vein, I am currently downloading the demo, though I still have over half an hour left. negligible time if i were using a 56k modem, but annoyingly long considering that i have a broadband (it’s shared, but at this time of the day i don’t think that the rest of my family is downloading anything).

in that vein, i have had an idea for a new race strategy to use in master of orion ii. i will soon test it out.

of course, moo2 conflicts horribly with win2k… my resolve is weakening not to ‘upgrade’ to xp, though in the past i have sworn i would never do this. i wish that there was a fully-featured version of wine that I could play with, but according to the website, “Wine is still under development, and it is not yet suitable for general use.” It’s something that i think i’d like to contribute to, once I’m out of school and therefore have free time to burn on an open-source coding project.

at some soon point, i will sleep

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