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i haven’t posted in quite a while

so clearly you want to read the current survey, as filled out by myself…

1. What’s the first thing you remember wanting to be when you grew up? A train engineer. But that was superceded quickly by Astronaut.

2. Describe a dream you remember: I would, if I could think of any dreams that I can guarantee having actually had at some point.

3. What book are you reading? An Introduction to Prolog, 2nd ed.

4. What colour are your sheets? blue

5. What song is in your head right now? whatever’s on winamp at the moment. currently, Club Generation – Patience

6. Waitaminnit… Where are you? my room. sigma pi, WPI

7. I am afraid of…: injections, transfusions, donations; things that involve adding or removing fluids form my body through the use of needles

8. Your day job/dream job: day job at the moment: student. don’t have time for real work… dream job? test pilot in the USAF

9. What movie have you seen the most times? i can’t think of any movies that i’ve seen more than three times intentionally; but at three times are The Matrix, American Beauty, and Fight Club

10. One question for Jesus: why should I worship a god who’s abandoned the world for the last two millennia?

11. The guilty pleasure you’d really rather not admit to here: guilt? vas ist das?

12. Comfort food of choice: mashed potatoes and gravy are always appreciated. especially with lots of salt and pepper.

13. What’s the last video you rented? The Man who Knew Too Little.

14. Who do people say you look like? Generic Face #12. All sorts of people know me, and I have no idea who they are…

15. What’s the bane of your existence? time management issues

16. What’s the last thing you found on the ground and picked up? my friends’ cat

17. A writer worth reading: neal stephenson

18. Where would you like to grow old? a bunker made from one of the abandoned missile silos that the air force is selling off now…

19. A word of wisdom: if you don’t ask, nobody can tell you not to

20. The question you get asked ALL THE TIME!!!: what did you just say?

21. When was your last hospital visit? i think i had blood drawn three and a half years ago…

22. The last thing you said out loud: … morning

23. Current clothing: black boots, blue jeans, black tshirt, black jacket

24. Your favourite season: winter

25. In my last lifetime I was probably: an uneducated peasant. most people were (most still are), and i have no reason to claim special distinction.

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