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addendum to the void

By which I mean, I guess I haven’t written in a while. That’s ok; I’ve frankly been very busy and have spent a lot of time doing homeworky-type things, instead of livejournal-type things. I think that this is actually the first time in a while I could spare the time to start up the client, bang out a message to the world… and it’s 0547, which as everyone should know, is one of those hours of the morning when god hates the world.

I just want to note about the homework-type things: it’s not actually the homework that kills you. I did my homework for the week for one class in about 45 minutes last night; the only other class assigning homework I have a hw partner in who is quite willing to finish up the groundwork I laid in about an hour of coding. So the homework, this week, wasn’t bad at all.

No, it’s the projects that kill you. Last Thursday, one week ago, my Operating Systems teacher announced to the class that it’d be a good idea for us to start the project, because he expected it to take us 25-30 hours. This project is due tomorrow. And I had other plans for Labor Day Weekend.

So. My project partner and I (she lives half an hour offcampus and has no instant messaging services, just to make things interesting) started work early, and have both been working on the project whenever we have a spare hour or two… and it is, at this point, maybe halfway to completion. And she can’t work on it today.

This is not to mention that I have an essay due tomorrow, which due to this project I haven’t started yet.

Well, my time is up. I must now report to PT, because the Air Force likes me better when I’m sweating. We had awards yesterday, and I got the PT ribbon. I was quite amused. But that is for another time, when I actually have time.


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