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I seem not to have posted recently. This can be easily explained by the fact that nothing terribly interesting has happened to me in the last few days.

Right now, I have a job at Decathlon as a cashier. Training starts Saturday. There are two problems with this.

The littler problem is simple: a bunch of my friends are going to an airshow at Hanscom Saturday, and I’d very much like to be in their company for this. The big problem is more complex. In essence, it is that until I worked at a job that had something at its basis not cashiering, I hadn’t realized exactly how much I dislike being a cashier. Both of the jobs I’ve had before this involved me going to work because I wanted the money and was willing to suffer through the work to get it. Working at the afterschool program with the kids is something that I actually enjoy; I look forward to going to work. I think that the base reason for this is that it doesn’t feel like work, because work is defined as something that I have to do that I don’t like. This is getting paid to play. I don’t want to go be a cashier again, because that’s work.

So I want to quit my job at Decathlon. I have not logged a single hour there, in training or otherwise, so they have not invested anything in me besides the time their managers spent reviewing my application and interviewing me. I don’t mind taking that much from them; any random customer could take as much of his time without buying a single item. The only guilt I feel is at quitting before I start, but I think that I’d feel guiltier if I don’t quit. This is because if I don’t quit now, I’ll be forced to quit in three weeks, when I go to Texas. I don’t know if I’ll even be done training by that point. They’ll have spent at least 16 hours training me by that point, which turns into something over $100 that they paid me in addition to whatever internal expense they’ve gone through to put together the training program. In short, at that point I’ll have taken their money and run, which doesn’t sit right with my conscience. It’ll be perfectly legal for me to quit at that point, according to their documented company policy, but I’ll feel like an ass.

I hadn’t really thought of that before; it seems I have three reasons to quit and only one reason to stay: that $100 that I would earn before quitting.

Eh. I’m sure that I can find some landscapers who want a short-term pair of strong arms they can use; that should get me the same money, much quicker. With any luck, I’ll have a bunch more than that by the end, simply because they’ll let me work more days.

Tomorrow I should quit the job at Decathlon. I know that I’m gambling a job that I have but probably won’t like very much (though I’m sure they aren’t that bad, as cashier-employers go) for one that I would like quite a bit that I don’t technically have yet. But hey, where’s the adventure in life if you don’t gamble?

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