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So I’ve been home for a week now. What have I accomplished? Basically nothing.

I’ve made progress in a few areas that it’s probably good to make progress in; I’ve submitted job applications to a variety of places, and it seems likely that at least one of them will be interested in me. I’ve worked on my webcomics directory, and it should be somewhat quicker and more logical when I finish the updates. Right now, the source code on my machine is in a transitional ‘nothing works because half of the stuff uses an old convention, half uses a new’ state. But more and more things use the new convention as I find time to work on the project, and soon I hope to upload about 50 files to the server and find that magically, everything works.

As if that’s going to happen.

Other news… one side benefit of choosing the same career field as my father is that all of a sudden, we have an unlimited number of things to talk about: current projects that one or the other of us have, clever things that we’ve done to implement them, tough problems that we’ve run into and possible solutions that we bounce off each other; stuff like that. Something that anyone other than a computer programmer would have a hard time following, let alone participating in.

I wonder if all professions have a similar number of things to talk about among people who know that profession. It seems difficult for me to imagine a similar breadth of topic in, say, janitorial work. At the same time, I’m sure that they find things to talk about when they encounter others in that trade…

I’m not going to talk about the status of my relationships right now, because right now I’m just significantly confused on every front. Not confused in a bad way, because I see opportunities daily and possibilities everywhere, but confused in a “I have no idea what she just meant by that” sort of way.

I forsee an interesting summer. Boring work until June 17, at which point I’ll head out to Texas for a PDT, then after that I start work at a summer camp. If they ever get around to mailing me the application… (I’ve had near confirmation that they want me as a counselor but they haven’t sent me anything official yet). Interesting times all around when I’m not working.

Well, I’m off.

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