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I am listening to loud and angry music right now because I just saw a pamphlet pinned up that really annoys me. The title: protest against the imf and world bank, because of the following points: their voting system is based on “one dollar, one vote”; standard policy calls for cutting government spending, privatization, and foreign investment; increases in exports and froeign exchange earnings are required; they require countries to pay for their debts.

The thing is, the parts I listed are the small print. The bold text just rails on the imf and world bank for being elitist, undemocratic, promoting environmental destruction, benefittign the wealthy at the expense of the poor…

I could argue each point. I could explain why everything listed here is a good thing. If you really want me to, toss me an email; I’ll put up another post.

But it just makes me angry that people organize these things, with the sole purpose of gathering an angry mobtude…

well, i was interrupted and never got to write the rest of this. so i’ll just post it incomplete and write a new one talking about what’s going on now.

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