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webcomics directory update

You know, it’s a deceptively simple concept: starting with nothing but a basic understanding of HTML, write something that manages to put 40 or so webcomics onto one page for easy viewing. Teach yourself anything you need on the way using publicly available tutorials. Bonus points for style and creativity.

The little html that I didn’t already know, I figured out quickly and without any problems. But now I’m getting bogged down by style sheets (which I have no idea how to use), debugging regular expressions (which may not even be the problem), and the issue of multiplying every basic task by 40, because that’s how many webcomics I need to set this up for…

I just don’t have enough time to devote to sit down and finish this project. There’s always something to do…

Maybe I’ll have some time over the weekend. Maybe. After the initiation and the required dance and whatnot. Maybe.

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