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Mr. Lindh should die, convicted of treason. Unfortunately, he probably won’t.

I see in the news that John Walker Lindh’s trial is in the air because during three interviews with him in Afghanistan, his lawyer (who his father had retained in America without contact with the man for over two years) was not present.

Does this sound like junk to you, too?

If Mr. Lindh was not working for Al Qaeda, he has yet to come up with any other explanation for his activities in Afghanistan. If he was a tourist, he should have said so. If he had any legitimate business there, he should have said so by now.

By Occam’s Razor, then, he was working for Al Qaeda.

This argument won’t hold in court, true. But the taxpayers are paying a few million dollars to the prosecution; they should be able to turn this into a case that can prove he was working for them.

Now, that in and of itself is not a war crime. It is, however, treason for conspiracy against the Untied States of America. Treason happens to carry the penalty of death, last time I checked.

His defenders have accused the prosecution of misrepresenting him because they neglected to relay the fact that he ‘expressed concern’ for the victims in the World Trade Center. Perhaps this is true; they can get a cookie. Mr. Lindh should get as much concern as the average nazi who expressed concern for the jews.

The basic fact of the matter is that he chose to ally himself with an organization which has as one of its absic goals, the downfall of the USA. Now, having been captured and tried for that fact, he is trying to weasel out on techicalities of the US legal system.

I find that despicable.

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